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Morsels of life!

Mostly boring, sometimes geeky

25 March 1979
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appaji used to be foo. He is bar, foo and baz now.

This journal will be alive:

A. Till he doesn't get to work with lonely planet, consequently traveling to places where the only web he may hear about is the one that is related to a certain eight legged invertibrate.

B. Unless one of Jupiters moons crashes into him when he is on the terrace enjoying the late night breeze and sleeplessness.

C. If he is not bored of the concept.

He is hopeful that A happens, prays that B doesn't and is likely to hit C before either.

While at it (and not necessarily in this order) he talks too much, listens to the radio, eats (sometimes stuff that he cooks, mostly otherwise), writes software, watches too many movies, reads and enjoys the comfort of his ass while staring into the computer.

He has a photo blog on flickr.com.