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Morsels of life!

Mostly boring, sometimes geeky

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It has been ...
Dear life,

It has been a pretty crazy couple of months, had to stay away from most of the things that I would normally breeze through, including but not limited to a few aspects of my real life day job, Debian work, movies, the routine yearly Oct-Nov time vacation that I take etc. Obviously, hobbies took a big hit. Also had to let go of an opportunity to travel to one of my favorite places, IIT Guwahati; something that I don't usually pass up. Sigh! But such is life.

Been bouncing back slowly:

I finally moved a few domains that I run (including my personal domain) and their email to a linode and I am quite liking it so far (I would've been great if I had some more disk space at my disposal but 16GB isn't all that bad).

On the Debian front, finished attending to package sponsorship requests, I've been updating packages (there is one elinks RC bug that I'll fix next) and work is finally under progress for the clang ITP in the Debian GIT repository.

There are a ton of pictures in RAW format that I haven't yet had the time to convert to JPEG (I use UFRaw but the output that I got from Bibble Pro is fairly impressive -- perhaps I should consider getting myself a license) but that could wait.

Found a decent place to rent (I should be moving in about a month or so). I would've liked a place that isn't an apartment or at least in a smaller community, preferably something in-town but good places are difficult to come by.

I am back,


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Hi Giridhar!

Welcome back.


Now, that is one really long OpenID :)

OK, how's this one?

(I'm just experimenting with the OpenIDs. I don't really know which one to settle on at the moment).

Irrespective of which "provider" you use, I suggest that you delegate a more recognizable URL to one of the OpenID providers (like yahoo, google, launchpad) so that your OpenID remains the same even though you change your OpenID provider.

For example, look for ...

link rel="openid.server" href="http://www.livejournal.com/openid/server.bml"
link rel="openid.delegate" href="http://appaji.livejournal.com/"

... in the source for http://appaji.net/

And http://appaji.net is the OpenID that I use for logging on at a few places on the web.

You get the drift?

Is my Flickr page better?

Sorry. I think you should remove my comments above; they've messed up your post!

This looks good and the comments above are OK, let them be.

Hi, don’t forget to put scan-build and scan-view into the package. For the MirPorts Framework, I’ve also added the www directory as documentation; this might be desirable for Debian as well. http://www.mirbsd.org/cvs.cgi/ports/lang/llvm/ (that one builds LLVM+Clang as one package, though)

The clang packages that I prepared for myself had a separate clang-doc package (with the www directory) and a clang-dev package with the clang libraries and header files. I couldn't upload them because of my recent switching of laptops.

Unfortunately, my ITP was hijacked and a clang package (without the build interceptor, documentation, libraries, and with incorrect as well as incomplete copyright information, and a few other issues) has been uploaded to the archive already. I'll work with Arthur Loiret to fix these things (though I hope I do get some response unlike before when I tried to contact multiple times / request addition to the LLVM packaging team).

Good to know you're bouncing back, and hope you get to spend more time on your hobbies soon.

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